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Report Issues

Report the problems to team Sarif

Dual Languages

You can change language to Urdu or English.

Share Location

Add location to let us know where the problem is

Upload Media

You can provide visual proof by uploading media

Video Demo

2.5 M
3.6 M
1.5 K

WHy chose us

Ease to use

Sarif is easy to use, we have put minimum screen to drecease the complexity of the application. And to make it more user freindly.

Your problems will be solved

By contacting the authorities,Sarif will work on the problems to solve them at any cost.

Be a helping hand

Well its a casue to make the country better. We need you to be part and make the difference

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App screen

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Sarif is a platform to empower the citizens of Pakistan. Sarif helps and facilitates common people to raise issues, give feedback and contribute in the betterment of the society.
There are 4 sections in this application 1. Take a photo or video The media will be uploaded to our cloud server authorities. 2. Provide Location Automatically detected location is also sent along with the attached media media. 3. Add additional information Complete the process and add brief description of the issue. 4. Submit Your Report This will send a " Sarif " request to authorities
We have develop Sarif to reports problems and issues. If you see anything wrong happening around you.Just pull your phone out, open our application and report the issue. We will look it to the matter and will involve the authorities
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